Reflections in a Time of Challenge

We are in the midst of a global health crisis, requiring unprecedented social distancing: orders to stay at home; the closing of schools and public venues including restaurants, museums, and theaters; cancellation of large events, gatherings, and liturgical celebrations; restrictions on travel and visitation of loved ones at their birth and their death. It is uncertain how long this “new normal” will continue and the long-term impact it will have on so many levels.

As women religious living in community and “sent to make Christ visible by our very being,” we are challenged to help each other and those we serve while keeping our distance. How can we “be women of peace, hope and love” and ease the anxiety, fear, heartbreak, and loneliness without being present in person? As “educators in all we do and are,” what lessons are we learning from this situation and how can we share those lessons?

We offer the following prayers, reflections, and resources as a source of encouragement and support in the spirit of oneness with our God and with one another as all humanity copes with this global pandemic.


JUNE 2020

Fractured and torn by Sister Kathleen Storms, SSND

SSND during the time of the Spanish flu by Michele Levandoski, Archivist

New discovery, new beginning by the SSND Akwanga Community

Everything is a gift by Sister Lynne Schmidt 


MAY 2020

Penetrating the frontline of healthcare by Sister Eileen Denny

News from Theresa House in Ghana, Africa by Sister NdukeRose Clement

Blessed Theresa’s words of wisdom by Sister Judy Best


APRIL 2020

No favorites by Sister Sarah Tanjo

A Promise of Tomorrow by Sister Paulina Raymond

We are Easter people by Sister Debra Sciano

Forest bathing – for your health and right relationship with nature by Sister Jeanne Wingenter

Quarantine by Sister Patricia Lange

Oracon en Tiempo de Coronavirus translated by Sister Rose Ann Ficker

Give us this day our daily bread by the Central Pacific Provincial Council

Jesus cried out in a loud voice by Sister Charmaine Krohe

Living well through this extraordinary Lent by Eileen McGartland, RN (SSND Wellness Staff)

The New Abnormal by Sister Maureen Clancy of Chicago


MARCH 2020

What If? by Sister Ann Coleman

Laetare Sunday: Pent-Up Joy by Sister Francine Koehler

A Visit from Persona Fear by Sister Mary Helen Stokes

Pandemic from the Mount by Sister Lillia Landgreck

Coronavirus by Sister Mary Fitzgerald

Witnessing to unity in a time of challenge by SSND Shalom – North America

SSND Untold Story by Sister Judy Best and Sister Diane Buckman

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