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The School Sisters of Notre Dame invite you to take a walk down memory lane, through the halls of the schools you attended. Enjoy the slides below of photos from those days.  We hope you can find your own beloved alma mater within these videos. 

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Alumni Stories

St John the Evangelist
Antoinette Cirillo graduated from St. John the Evangelist, Leonia, New Jersey, in 1968. She wrote recently to thank her Sister teachers!
St Michaels Central HS, Chicago, IL
My sisters and I attended St. Alphonsus grade school and then went on to St. Mike's HS. I remember dreading summer vacations because I no longer had the daily guidance of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  I thank God that I was so blessed throughout my school years!
St Benedicts Church Baltimore MD
Thanks to the Sisters for all they did for me, my sisters and my wife’s family and so many of our friends. May God continue to bless those both living and deceased. 

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