Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award 2023

For the first time, students from AHA Middle School received the Academy’s Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award alongside students from AHA Upper School. The middle school’s inaugural recipients are Sparrow Smith (’28), Isabella Tomeo (’29), and Lara Bivetto (’30). Recipients from AHA Upper School are Isabella Lara (’24), Anna Daniello (’26,) and AHA Big Sister/Little Sister program duo Shannon Oliver (’25) and Anastasia Mysliwiec (’27).

Each recipient was honored for demonstrating care, compassion, and inspirational kindness.

Isabella Lara was nominated for her warm personality and inviting presence. A classmate wrote that she is “someone I can rely on and is always there for me during good times and bad times.”

Another friend said Lara is a loving friend and a dedicated student, who takes time to ensure people feel included and welcome. 

This Angel athlete is also known for her good sportsmanship and ability to uplift her teammates.

“(She) truly emulates the meaning of kindness,” one person said. “She is the true definition of an Angel.”

Shannon Oliver is known for her friendly smile and her willingness to help others.

“She never fails to go out of her way to help others,” a classmate said of Oliver. “She is the kind of person who genuinely listens and wants to help when you are in need. She is kind, inclusive, and sincere.”

Anna Daniello’s friends said she deserves the Kindness Award because she is genuine, cares about others, and truly wants the best for her friends and classmates.

“She knows how to cheer people up when they are having a bad day and always has a smile on her face,” a friend wrote. Another person said, “She lights up the room with her loving and caring personality.”

Anastasia Mysliewiec was recognized for being caring, helpful, kind-hearted, and welcoming.

A classmate wrote, “She helps me, she listens without judgment, and she is always respectful to our community members.”

Sparrow Smith is quick to help others, and friendly to everyone. Friends describe Smith as a positive person who spreads joy and creates an amazing environment wherever she goes. Many classmates said she truly puts others first.

“I am constantly reminding myself to be kind because of her,” a friend wrote.

Isabella Tomeo is described as being patient and caring with everyone. Friends say Tomeo is a warm-spirited person with a wonderful smile.
A teacher shared, “She is quick to offer assistance to both students and faculty without even being asked.”
Lara Bivetto is a kind, respectful, and supportive Angel with a kind soul.

“She brings happiness to me anytime I call her on the phone to chat,” a friend wrote. “She always makes an effort to hold doors and say hi to every student and faculty member.

Students who receive this award continue the abiding kindness for which S. Catherine Green, SSND, was known. S. Catherine, a beloved member of the AHA Religious Studies Department from 1982-2014, was an attentive listener with a ready smile and a nurturing spirit.

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