Sisters and Associates in Waterdown gather for a grace-filled day

In union with sister Jubilarians of the Atlantic-Midwest Province, sisters at Notre Dame Convent in Waterdown celebrated 10 Jubilees on Saturday, May 4. Sisters Petra Klotz, Zita Merkowsky, and Thomasine Ryan celebrated their 75th jubilee; Sisters Leona Dentinger, Gemma Golino, Alfreda Kimpel and Doreen Norman celebrated their 70th jubilee; and Sisters Janet Disbrowe, Rose Mary Sander, and Harriet Schnurr celebrated their 60th. (Sisters Janet and Rose Mary joined the celebration in Wilton.) As the organ chimes rang out, Associates led the procession for the liturgy celebrated by Father Pablito Labado. Sisters and Associates were caught up in the mystery of ongoing redemption as they prayed in gratitude for the lives of the Jubilarians whose ministries had taken them to western and northern Canada, to England, Italy, to Bolivia and Peru. Following a delicious meal and time for enriching sharing, the day closed in union with Holy Mary and her hymn in praise of the Lord, "The Magnificat," and in gratitude for the love that gives everything joyfully.

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