Spring 2017 Gospel Fund Grantees

For justice to which we are all called,

and for charity which is a privilege for all of us to offer,

we join our prayers and financial resources

with these organizations and groups

as they work for a more just global community.

Twice a year the School Sisters of Notre Dame award grants to organizations working for justice. These groups benefit people, mostly women and children, caught in poverty, human rights abuses, or environmental devastation.

Learn about the Gospel Fund program.

Meet our March grantees:

  • Camp Umoja, Towson, MD

    • $4,285 to purchase supplies for academy program, arts &crafts, swimming classes and snacks

  • Caroline Center, Baltimore, MD

    • $4,740 to procure and install 2 Bottle Filling Stations for the Center for the women in training as a means of education on water issues and sustainability

  • Center for Youth Emancipation & Development, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    • $5,000 to buy goats and guinea-pigs; to hire a veterinarian/educator to train parents

  • Comboni Secondary School, Jubay, South Sudan

    • $2,500 to purchase food for the students and teachers

  • Daughters of St. Paul, Juba, South Sudan

    • $2,500 to obtain resources-books, CDs, and DVDs for 18 religious local communities

  • Honduras Accompaniment Project, Honduras, Central America

    • $5,000 to support staff time and travel expenses for the work of education, outreach and advocacy to build support for the Bertha Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act

  • Mother Seton Academy, Baltimore, MD

    • $5,000 to fund retreats-lodging, meals, transportation-for students and their families

  • Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Education, Baltimore, MD

    • $4,125 to finance travel & lodging for University teachers to enhance teacher training in Haiti

  • Office of Human Dignity 7 Solidarity-Immigration Ministry, Chicago, IL

    • $5,000 to support two Regional Cluster Reps. who train parish pastoral agents working with immigrant families on documentation and advoacy

  • Pilgrim Ministries, Lithuania

    • $4,560 to fund General Chapter expense for Sisters of the Eucharistic Jesus: technology, printed materials, travel, and facilitation

  • Rochester Refugee Outreach, Rochester, NY

    • $2,500 to provide secondary school tuition for refugee student

  • SSND Educational Center, Woodhaven, NY

  • $2,600 to purchase books, metro-cards for students, and technical assistance

  • St. Thomas Moore, Baltimore, MD

    • $5,000 to award tuition grants to Catholic elementary and secondary schools

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