Week of April 9th, 2018

Earth Day 2018 – End Plastic Pollution  

This Earth Day, April 22, the focus will be on limiting the use of plastics. Plastics pollute our oceans, water, and wildlife, disrupt human hormones, and cause life-threatening diseases. Indeed, “The exponential growth of plastics is threatening our planet’s survival!”

The goals for this year’s Earth Day are as follows:

  • Eliminate single use plastics
    • Use reusable grocery bags; forego straws; forego bottled water and disposable to-go cups
  • Promote 100% recycling of plastics
    • Make sure to save disposable plastics for the recycle bin!
  • Promote alternatives to fossil fuelbased materials
  • Advocate for global regulation for the disposal of plastics and for ecologicallyjust governmental and corporate policies
  • Call for conversion
    • Change the way we view the use of plastics! As Pope Francis reminds us, “Only by cultivating sound virtues will people be able to make a selfless ecological commitment” (Laudato Si’, 211).

Click here for tips to “make every day Earth day!”

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Click here for a short prayer for the environmental common good to include in your daily prayers; click here for a communal Earth Day prayer service.

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