Corazón a Corazón

Corazón a Corazón is a non-profit organization that serves the Latino community in Chicago, Illinois.
We offer one-on-one ESL tutoring and an After-School program, both of which are volunteer based.  Corazón believes that education is key to advancing and empowering our community and transforming the world, one person at a time.

Sister Gina

Sister Gina teaching at Corazon

My name is Sister Marie Regine Redig, SSND. People more readily know me as Sister Gina, the name I use at Córazón. I’ve been here three years, enough time for me to grow in Córazón and for Córazón to grow in me; so much so that I find myself looking forward to Tuesdays, my day to tutor.

How did I get here from the Central Pacific Province?