April poem Week 1

This week's poem is by Sister Maura Eichner, SSND

We Walk in Miracles 

We walk in miracles as children scuff 
through daisy fields, their dresses appliquéd
with shifting tide of blossom, welkin-stuff,  
the Father’s white creative laughter made.

Common as spring, as bread, as sleep, as salt,  
the daisies grow. Our Father made them reel
against us like the morning stars that vault
the greater home His love will yet reveal.

The petals push against the ankles, knees,
the thigh, the hands; gold pollen sifts within
the pores to rivulets of veins, to seas
of subtle life behind unsubtle skin.

O deeper and deeper than daisy fields, we drown
in miracles, in God, our Seed, our Crown.


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