Caroline House: Narcisa's Story

Narcisa is from Ecuador. She is grateful for her time studying at Caroline House, where she learned English. In addition to learning proper pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and understanding and skills building for living in contemporary U. S. culture, her life has been enriched by friendships formed with other immigrant women from a variety of countries. Now she is better able to help her children with school and her husband with his business.

When Narcisa started at Caroline House, her older son had recently graduated from the eighth grade and had won a scholarship to a Catholic high school. Narcisa spoke to the staff at Caroline House about the time he was spending out of school, and the staff was able to contact the high school and found out that he had been cutting classes and his grades were poor. The staff at Caroline House spoke to the boy and learned that despite having been the valedictorian of his 8th grade class, he was overwhelmed in his new school setting and was failing. Arrangements were made for tutoring for this bright boy, and he improved his grades, passed the semester and saved his scholarship.

Narcisa’s younger son also started after-school tutoring at Caroline House. Narcisa was so grateful because she could see great improvement in her sons’ grades. She also realized that they had developed greater self-discipline, respect for others and social skills as they worked with other inner-city children, as well as with high school and adult volunteers from local suburban towns. Her sons have helped others learn and improve. Narcisa’s older son now volunteers with our after school and summer program. This young man has become a mentor and leader for other children who attend tutoring for reading and math improvement, and he helps out with chores around Caroline House. Caroline House is now helping him with the college application process.

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