Caroline House:Family Bonding Through Literacy

Each school day women enter our doors to learn English and life skills and share hope and opportunity with others. Moms with young children arrive pushing strollers or holding their little ones’ hands, so that their children will also be given the chance to learn and grow.

With their sunny smiles, Maria and her son Jonathan are students who brighten our house. Maria moved to the U.S. from Guatemala with her husband in 2005. When Jonathan was 2, Maria learned about Caroline House and was grateful to find a center where she could learn English and bring her son to learn at the same time.

Maria enrolled in 2011 and is currently in Sister Justine’s Level 4 ESL class. She says her teachers have given her confidence to speak with people in English and to make friends. She says, “The Sisters and staff are so nice. They are friendly and treat me as an important person.”

Maria describes 4-year-old Jonathan as “high energy.” When you walk into the preschool classroom, you can expect a big smile and friendly greeting from Jonathan. In the classroom, he is mastering his colors, shapes and letters. He loves playing with blocks, puzzles and dinosaurs. On nice days, he enjoys backyard play time, riding trikes, playing ball and running around with his preschool friends. Maria enjoys reading Jonathan bilingual books. Jonathan especially likes books about animals and pirates!

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