Easter Transformation

By Sister Delia Callis, SSND                                    Print Version

The Sabbath Rest has settled over the land
     My LORD is buried deep within the tomb
Our friends are sitting sadly at kitchen tables shadowed in the evening twilight
Grief, sorrow, uncertainty and fear burden the quiet, heavy.
I silently leave, hoping to find a warmer home to reshape my life,
          my dreams.
I find my way to Mary’s place
     and she welcomes me and offers me warmth and a glass of wine.
She invites me to spend the next few days with her,
     doing simple household tasks, sharing memories and dreams,
          opening ourselves to the LORD’s unfolding.
I wait with Mary in stillness, peace and hope
I wait with her for hard lifeless seeds to sprout, be nourished, grow to fullness,
     bearing fruit a hundred-fold.
I wait with arms outstretched in reverence and respect before another,
          nurturing wrapped-tight cocoons to burst free
               into winged flight.
With love, I stand, waiting for your resurrection power to break,
     unloosen and shatter the bonds of alcoholism,
          addiction, abuse and violence.

“Be still and know that I am God.
I enter the hardest hearts and give them hearts of flesh,
     hearts to love and reach out to others.
Simply wait in prayer and hopeful expectancy.
Be patient in love, and quietly invite to come in and enter,
     to transform and change into my radiant image
          the persons without hope entangled in choking chains
               of worldly pursuits and restlessness.
I can bring new life to birth
Be not afraid and place your trust in me.
I am alive and risen, never to die again,
I am present with humble power, giving hope to a violent, hopeless world.

Stand with Mary, pray and be with her.
Her simple faith will bring your own flickering flame to light.
Death has no power over you, over your world.
I am risen, I am eternally, warmly present.
Open your heart and let me in
     to transform you, my faithful servant.

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