Our Sisters

School Sisters of Notre Dame continue to live the vision of Foundress Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger in a variety of ways. Below our Sisters share stories of their work and ministry.

Atlantic Midwest Province 100 Club

We are fortunate to have a "100 Club " in our province. Sister Margaret Bauer is the eldest, at 103. Sister Mary Teresia Spodnik is 102. Sister Cabrini Ganz is 101. Sister Marie Anna Moltz is 100, as is Sister Katharine Reiter. Sister Marguerite Mary Bunter is the newest club member - she turned 100 on May 15.

Happy 100th Birthday to Sister Marguerite Bunter!

Sunday, May 15, 2022 marked the end of a type of trilogy: Three Sisters celebrated 100 years of birth in May in Ozanam Hall in Queens, NY. In May 2000, Sister Rosalita McNamee celebrated her 100th birthday. In May 2001 Sister Aveline Smith achieved 100 years. This year, Sister Marguerite Bunter enjoyed passing the 100th year mark of her birth.

A Gift From the Heart for Sister Irene Pryle

Kate Dannals, the councilor at Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke's School in Dundalk, MD, wanted to show her appreciation for the school's principal, Sister Irene Pryle, SSND. A talented quilter, Kate decided to craft something that honored Sister Irene's SSND roots and her love of the school.

March Madness Hit Close to Home for Sister Joan Pikiell

Sister Joan is a middle school teacher, and she used the NCAA Tournament as an entry point for a lesson. “I like to get the kids looking at universities,” she said. “So we randomly pick a team for everyone in the class to follow throughout the tournament. I got Rutgers, of course. That wasn’t random.” (Sister Joan's brother Steve coaches Rutgers Basketball.)

Sister Marie Jeanette Blatz Interviewed for StoryCorps

Jane Johnson interviewed her aunt, Sister Marie Jeanette Blatz, SSND about her life and experiences as a School Sisters of Notre Dame as part of the national StoryCorps Archive. Sister Jeanette is currently living at The Watermark in Bridgeport, CT.