Our Sisters

School Sisters of Notre Dame continue to live the vision of Foundress Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger in a variety of ways. Below our Sisters share stories of their work and ministry.

Keep This Day with Joy

By Sister Delia Calis, SSND

Augustine speaks often of the inner power of the Holy Spirit, both within each person, individually, and within the Church. as the Body of Christ. In celebration of Pentecost, I'd like to share some of his reflections and prayers.

Two Truths in One Heart - Two Peoples in One Land

If I am to share my story these weeks, I must give space to the grief in Israel and Palestine, alongside our shared realization that understanding does not mean justification for either Hamas or Israeli Zionists.  

Seeing Beauty and Goodness in All Creation

By Sister Rosanne Mensik, SSND

Our International Community of Sisters and Associates comes together through the Internet. Examples include our Website, the Friday Newsletter, Zoom, and the International Prayer Room.

Charter for Compassion

Sister Barbara Paleczny writes, since I am now connected to a global movement to deepen and spread compassion in all our relationships, I wonder if you know of the Charter for Compassion, written in 2009, it urges peoples and religions of the world to embrace the core value of compassion.

Easter Transformation

Enjoy Sister Delia Callis' beautiful Easter poem: "I wait with Mary in stillness, peace and hope/I wait with her for hard lifeless seeds to sprout, be nourished, grow to fullness,/bearing fruit a hundred-fold."

Waterdown Sisters Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

On the fifth of May, SSND Waterdown had a Fiesta to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! With homemade sombreros, maracas, and pinatas, the party was a blast! It was a fun day, with lots of colours, music, and friends. 

A Visit with Sister Paulette Doyas, SSND

It's a beautiful Tuesday in March at Stella Maris near Baltimore. Sister Paulette Doyas, SSND, welcomes her first-time guest, rolling a state-of-the-art office set-up away from the bed. Despite residing in an assisted living community, Sister Paulette continues to serve as a part-time, remote assistant in NDMU registrar's office.

Life in Community at Villa Assumpta

Enjoy this wide-ranging roundtable conversation with Sisters Betty Orr, Mary Frances Angermaier, Francita Hobbs, and Carleen Cekal about their lives and experiences in the 1st floor independent living space at Villa Assumpta.

You, Too, Can Starburst!

Do you miss one of your friends at an AMSSND site, but it is too far to travel?  We’ve put iPads with Facetime at each of our nine major sites (Ozanam, Stella Maris, Villa Assumpta, Watermark, Waterdown, Marian Village and Resurrection Life).  So, who are you going to call first?  And second?

Villa Assumpta Sisters Enjoy Nun Study Presentation

Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Flanagan visited Villa Assumpta recently to provide an update on the ongoing Nun Study. It includes 678 SSNDs, 75 to 107 years of age, who agreed to participate in the research.