Florida 6th Graders Live Out Laudato Si' by Raising Money for Haiti

Sixth-grade students from Sarasota, FL, recently raised more than $2,000 for the people of Haiti. The students of St. Martha Catholic School held the fun and successful fundraising auction in April.
The students collected items from home, saved their money, and asked for donated items to auction. An auction committee of students planned the event, encouraged their homeroom class, created the display, and served as auctioneers with their teacher, Sister Cathy Bonfield, SSND.


Here are some additional details for those wanting to do something similar:


1.    Students and teachers found appropriate things at home that they no longer needed or wanted and donated them. These included stuffed animals, games, hats, sports items, books, etc.
2.    Packaged bags of candy, cookies, and other snacks were attached to stuffed animals.
3.    Surprise packages were filled with small items, candy, and gift cards, etc. 
4.    They shopped at Goodwill and HotBins for good deals.
5.    They asked parents and grandparents to donate unneeded items and make monetary donations.
6.    The teacher grew plants to donate.


1.    A list of donors was displayed in the classroom, and the class with the highest percentage was recognized and received a small gift at the beginning of the auction.
2.    Each student who brought in a donation worth at least $5 received a voucher for $5 to spend at the auction.
3.    Each time a student purchased an item, he or she received a sealed envelope with at least one gift certificate in it. Gift certificates for dress-down day, crazy hat day, crazy sock day, pajama day, +5, +10, +15 minutes of extra recess, +2, +3, +5 five points on a homework assignment or test, etc. were used.

Assistants needed for auction day

1.    Several adults to collect money.
2.    Several adults to monitor students and make sure that they had money needed for payment.

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