Interfaith Immigration Coalition - Digital Days of Action

The Interfaith Immigration Coalition asks that we participate in a series of actions from Jan 11th to the 13th and provides all the information you need in a social media toolkit!

"Drawing inspiration from our diverse faith traditions and sacred texts, the Interfaith Immigration Coalition has offered recommendations for reforming executive branch immigration policies, decolonizing the U.S. role abroad, and passing immigration laws in Congress. Read the complete document, “Interfaith Framework for Welcoming and Supporting Migrants, Immigrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees,” here and a summary of it here."

Share these policy recommendations with your networks and participate in our targeted days of action January 11-13. Together, we can amplify the call to the Biden-Harris Administration to enact justice for immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and all of our neighbors!  

Use and share thsi Social Media Toolkit with your network:


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