Joyful and Alive! by Sister Nancy Gilchriest

Teihard de Chardin once said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” This quote affirms the NAVT’s decision to call our SSND vocation evenings Joyful and Alive. We recently held our second Joyful and Alive event. Similar to the first time, this ZOOM evening was for young women who were interested in learning about discernment and the School Sisters of Notre Dame. It was new and exciting that the event was planned by Sister Bridget and a young woman who attended the first one. This creative team came up with an evening of prayer, the NAVT’s sharing about our favorite You Are Sent paragraphs, and conversation. When the participants asked for a copy of the You Are Sent paragraphs, we knew that our time together was especially blessed. 

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