Lesson from the Holy Land

Standing atop Mt. Tabor, the place of Jesus' transfiguration, Associate Karen Didier was awestruck. She had gone with a group of pilgrims to experience such sacred sites, including "the places where Jesus was conceived and where Mary said “Yes.” To be baptized in the Sea of Galilee, to swim in the Dead Sea, to pray at Jesus’ tomb, and to crawl on hands and knees to the tomb of Lazarus."

It was stunning, moving, and deeply memorable. But the experience keeps feeding her, as last Sunday, when the Gospel recounted the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. 

"We are all called to the mountaintop to be with Jesus. But we must go down from the mountain and serve the people God puts into our lives."

Karen says this sentiment runs counter to the well-intentioned advice she received when she retired.

"People said, You need to say NO. But I ask myself, who do you say no to? If at any time I can help or assist someone, I cannot say No."

She says being on Mt. Tabor on her birthday was particularly important to her.  
"God was giving me a sign that whatever I can to do to help others, I must do. Sure, at times, people take advantage and use you but that is their issue. My dad always said, 'When you give a dollar you get ten back.'"

It's a trip that will give back to Karen for the rest of her life.

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