NDP Ukeladies Perform at Stella Maris

NDP Director of Social Service Steve Pomplon shares Christmas greetings from the Ukeladies:

Recently, the Ukeladies performed at Stella Maris for a number of retired SSND and Redemptorist Priests.

We played a holiday setlist and then had a reunion with a few dear friends from NDP past. 

Sister Raymond is in the first photo below, who still helps out at NDP reception from time to time (she was the day receptionist for 10 years or so).

In the second photo is Sister Mary Michael, who taught Japanese at NDP for a number of years, and was head of the SSND school in Kyoto for many years prior. 

Steve said he will never forget how once, at the end of an assembly, it was announced that S Mary Michael had received an award from the Emperor of Japan for her contributions to society!

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