Peg Smith - Indefinite Convant

By Suzy Blackburn, Director of Associates

On December 21, Maryland Associate Peg Smith made the SSND Indefinite Covenant, a lifetime commitment, at her mother’s home in Arnold, Maryland.  Peg’s mother, Lynne Killam, was present and joined in the prayer service.  Suzy Blackburn represented the Sisters of AMSSND in accepting Peg’s covenant.

From the Plan of Association, the description of Indefinite Covenant:

“An associate who has demonstrated sustained commitment to the associate relationship over many years (at least 10 years as an associate) or is unable to fulfill many of the requirements due to age or infirmity, may make a covenant for an indefinite period of time which does not need to be renewed to continue the relationship with SSND. The request for an indefinite covenant is made by the director and presented to the council for approval.”

Peg Smith Indefinite Covenant
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