On the Road: From Slavery toward Sainthood Series - Next Steps

Many members of our province network participated in the four-week series "On the Road from Slavery to Sainthood," which concluded February 28. Here are some action steps you are urged to consider taking as a response to this series/

Sign the online letter to Pope Francis, encouraging his consideration of sainthood for six Catholics of African American descent on this website: https://chng.it/7cWXNZXh6M

Black Canadians Leading Change urge supporting Black Organizations in their efforts to dismantle racism; always question, “whose interest is being served?” advocate to end sex/trafficking in Canada. Fifty percent of persons trafficked are Indigenous women; raise awareness of the “adultification” of Black girls which denies them their right to childhood; advocate for an end of deportation of (Black) children who arrive in Canada as children, are moved through child-welfare, criminal justice, denied citizenship and deported to a country they did not grow up in.

In the coming weeks, be watchful for an opportunity to register for a Dismantling Racism Workshop sponsored by the province Dismantling Racism Committee and facilitated by Notre Dame de Namur Sisters Patricia Chappell and Ann Louise Nadeau.

The SSND Watermark Community piloted the addressing racism resource, OPEN WIDE OUR HEARTS and highly recommends this four session, small group, self-directed resource. The easy-to-use resource animates conversations about the history, as well as the factors and forces that have shaped systemic racism in the United States. If you would like to use this resource to further your understanding and reflection on racism, please contact Arlene Flaherty OP aflaherty@amssnd.org

Be watchful for an opportunity to register for “Courageous Conversations.” on CASTE by Isabel Wilkerson, facilitated by Sr. Kathleen Cornell. The first cohort who participated in this book discussion have given it rave reviews.

In the days to follow, take some moments to reflect on the series, “On the Road from Slavery toward Sainthood.” Remember, “saints are people who the light shines through.” Aspire to be one of them. Strive wherever you can to dismantle racism.