Sisters Academy Students Create Creative Medical Devices

Inspired by our congregations of founding Sisters at Sisters Academy of Baltimore, and led by the direction of  Ms. TraceyAnn Smith, the students in grades 5-8 created portable medical devices to solve everyday problems as part of a theatre prop project.

Using creativity, their knowledge of the medical field, and items found at home, Sisters Academy students created devices that ranged from a robot that could administer first-aid and a portable x-ray machine to a full body scanner that could deliver an immediate medical diagnosis with treatment options. While there were no limits to the size of the medical device, the creation had to be functional.
Using a gallery walk, each student shared her original creation with the faculty, staff, classmates, and parents. The gallery walk allowed time for each student to display and discuss her creation with the "guests". Creations ranged in complexity from an improved way to apply a band aid to early disease and broken bone detection.



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