Sisters in Africa and North America Collaborate to Bring Water to Kenya

Approximately three years ago, the Water committee of the Atlantic-Midwest Province was commissioned by the province “to provide water in an underserved area.” Over the past two years members of the Water Committee have been working with School Sisters in Africa, especially Sisters Joyce Kwamboka Nyakwama and Rose Ngacha to identify and engage in a project to bring water to a water-stressed area. The Nyalienga community in Homa Bay, Kenya was identified as the site for this collaborative project. The Atlantic-Midwest Province has provided 8,000 USD in funding to help support the hydro engineering study and the drilling of a bore hole. We are happy to report water has recently risen to the surface!

The Nyalienga community is 11 kilometres from Homa Bay town has a population of approximately 55,000 people. Of this population, approximately 12 percent are children under five. Among the health challenges the children of Nyalienga experience are illnesses related to lack of safe water and lack of a balanced diet. With the drilling for clean water in Homa Bay, the prospects of health for the people living in the area have increased exponentially.

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si observes that ‘”One particularly serious problem is the quality of water available to the poor. Every day, unsafe water results in many deaths and the spread of water-related diseases, including those caused by microorganisms and chemical substances. Dysentery and cholera, linked to inadequate hygiene and water supplies, are a significant cause of suffering and of infant mortality.”

As we all celebrate the second anniversary of Laudato Si, the Water Committee and the Atlantic-Midwest Province of SSND is honored to celebrate with SSND Africa, the coming of water to Homa Bay, Kenya! 

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