At the General Chapter of 2012, the School Sisters of Notre Dame made a commitment “to live more simply and sustainably with one another and with all of creation.”

The Atlantic-Midwest Province responded with four concrete commitments, one of them is our water commitment. The Atlantic-Midwest Province is committed to the goal of universal access to clean water. 

As part of that commitment, our province engages in education and advocacy efforts regarding the spirituality and vitality of water around the world and how to protect it. We advocate changes such as the elimination of bottled water, straws, and other plastics that pollute the earth's water and the life depending upon it. We also support and learn from projects that provide life-giving access to water through our Water Initiative in Haiti.

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More information about our commitment to water:

Laudato Si - Click here to Download Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment and human ecology 

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Top 10 Takeaways of Laudato-Si

What you can do:

AMSSND Canada and Water

AMSSND U.S. and Water

Climate Crisis and Water: Impact on our World

Love Gives Everything reminds us of our Constitution, paragraph 9 and General Directory, paragraph 19a, “As the desire of Jesus that all may be one becomes more fully our own, our striving for unity embraces all humanity and the whole of creation” and “Because the earth and its resources are God’s gift to all humanity, we are reverent, just, and sparing in our use of created things, concerned for the needs of present and future generation.”

COVID-19 Ecological Alert

While it is absolutely essential that we wear face masks during this pandemic, PPE is polluting the globe with non-biodegradable plastic waste at rates the world has never known. We can do something to lessen it. 

Water for Sale

So, who owns water? Our oceans? Our lakes? Our rivers? In most cases, actually no one! On the other hand, who owns our drinking water? Corporate giants are buying up global water resources and charging for the right of human access to drinking water.

Water and Vulnerable Communities

Climate change is perhaps the greatest threat facing the global water system, simply because it is composed of different threats. The surface of our Blue Planet is made up of 71% water. Only 3% of this is fresh.

Spirituality of Water - Sister Mary Heather

When parents hold a newborn child for the first time, they are actually holding 64% - 84% water.  When an adult over 51 years of age goes for a walk, 57% to 67% is water getting exercise....

In Honor of World Oceans Day

On Saturday, June 8, we are invited to observe World Oceans Day. Our Oceans Are Our Future. They give us both oxygen and inspiration!

Sustainability at Notre Dame Convent in Waterdown!

The Encyclical Letter, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home was released by Pope Francis on Pentecost Sunday, May 24, 2015.  Joining the immediate global response of affirmation and enthusiasm from peoples of all faiths and walks of life, the Sisters of Notre Dame Convent, in November 2015, gifted with the leadership of S. Rose Mary Sander, began to pray and reflect together twice a month on themes or sections of Laudato Si’.

Water: Global Warming and Climate Change

Although 70-75 percent of planet Earth’s surface is water, less than 2 percent is suitable for consumption. Given that 7.5 billion human beings require access to clean water every day, keeping water safe, as well as accessible, is a necessary requirement for life on our planet. 

Sister Rose Ngcha in Kenya

Sisters in Africa and North America Collaborate to Bring Water to Kenya

Approximately three years ago, the Water committee of the Atlantic-Midwest Province was commissioned by the province “to provide water in an underserved area.” Over the past two years members of the Water Committee have been working with School Sisters in Africa, especially Sisters Joyce Kwamboka

Use Water Bottles

The AM Province has been actively promoting the use of water bottles rather than bottled water. We have funded Water bottle refilling stations in some of our sponsored and co-sponsored ministries.