Sisters and Associates are invited to share reflections

Request for 2024, Vol. 1, NewsLink Reflections

Sisters and associates are invited to share reflections on the following topic for the March 2024 issue of NewsLink:   


In a world where individualism is often celebrated, what can we continue to learn from community—in religious life, in our neighborhoods, in our ministries, and in the world as a whole? What are the gifts and challenges of community? What does it demand of us? What does it provide? 

To contribute, please send your reflection and a photo of yourself to Deb Litman, collaborative communications manager, at Submissions are due by February 21.  

Please remember to: 

  • Submit a reflection of about 250 words or less 
  • Submit a photograph of yourself, preferably a headshot 
  • Submit a photograph and caption that illustrates community (optional) 
  • Include: 
  • Your name 
  • Your ministry or job title 
  • Your province and location 

Thank you for taking the time to answer this call for reflections. We greatly appreciate your contribution.

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