SSND associate Fran Bond, Ph.D. Awarded Maryland Geri Award

“I believe volunteering should be an everyday part of our life experiences,” admits this humble Geri Award winner. “I don’t see what I did as heroic or beyond. I think this is the way we should all think about helping one another, that it should be a part of our life’s work.”

A member of the Baltimore County Commission on Aging, Fran is a former teacher, college professor, associate dean and education administrator who is an outstanding volunteer devoted to community service and to helping others, especially senior citizens. The Maryland Senior Citizens Hall of Fame (SCHF) honors Maryland senior citizens age 65+ who have made exemplary contributions to society. Every year a number of seniors are nominated for their outstanding volunteer civic and humanitarian contributions that make a difference in the lives of Marylanders, yet only 50 seniors are inducted into the SCHF annually. SCHF’s highest honor, the prestigious GERI Award, is only bestowed on five truly outstanding Maryland seniors and Fran Bond was one of them for 2018. According to the SCHF “as the arts and sciences have their Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Oscar awards, so do the senior citizens of Maryland have their GERI, the geriatric ‘Nobel Prize’ for extraordinary humanitarian community service.”

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