SSND Associate: Josh Wilbur

Josh Wilbur (pictured on the right) on his path to the priesthood.

Josh Wilbur
Goshen, Connecticut
Associate since 2010

“The prayerful support you get from the sisters and you give to them is very rewarding.”

-Josh Wilbur

Teachers never stop learning.

As the music teacher at St. Thomas the Apostle School in West Hartford, Ct Josh Wilbur spent his time teaching others. But when he met S. Rosanne Mensik he began to learn too.

“We worked together for 3 years,” he said. “I came to know her better and she invited me to Villa Notre Dame in Wilton where many sisters live. I started to get to know them better and it was probably about after 2 years of visits that one of them asked if I would like to consider becoming an Associate.”

Josh says it was not only the friendship of the sisters that made him consider becoming an Associate but the similar passion and purpose they shared with him.

“The fact that I’m a teacher and that’s what they’re involved with made it a natural fit,” he said.

That was 7 years ago. Since then he began volunteering at gatherings and masses, and got to know the other associates in the Wilton-area.

“I would definitely recommend becoming an Associate if you want to enrich your prayer life, and to feel connected to a community that has fully devoted their life to the service of others,” Josh said. “The prayerful support you get from the sisters and you give to them is very rewarding.”

Josh has also gotten more involved in religious life since becoming an Associate.

“As an Associate, it deepened my own prayer life; I actually entered the seminary five years ago. I will say it was the collective prayer of the sisters, and the inspiration of them and the priests that I’ve known,” he said. “They have been a huge inspiration and are a huge prayer support for me. I would say they are a huge part of why I even considered entering the seminary.”

We are incredibly proud of Josh and his journey in joining the priesthood.

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