The Transformative Power of Contemplation

As you think about how to enter into this year’s Lenten season, the OPDIC Committee invites you to consider the transforming power of contemplation. Contemplation can take many forms which enhance our ability to live in right relationship with ourselves, creation and our Creator. Open yourself to the Spirit within and around you. Now more than ever all creatures and creation need the transformative power of contemplation.

Consider trying some of the following suggestions:

Set aside time to read and reflect with scripture, poetry or a book that beckons you. 

Spend time with nature just sitting quietly with the natural beauty that surrounds your living space. Take daily or weekly walks in places that surround you with nature, or work contemplatively to prepare your garden for new growth.

Gather together with a circle of friends to view “The Letter” a documentary based on Laudato si by Pope Francis. Spend time in quiet reflection and contemplation on the reality presented in the film; follow your reflection time with a brief conversation on how you might respond to the message from Francis to you. 

To access a few resources for contemplation click here: 

Film Reflection

See the Introductory Trailer (1.59 min.) for The Letter at: Official Trailer | The Letter: Laudato Si Film - YouTube

And then view (1:21:42) the full film: The Pope, the Environmental Crisis, and Frontline Leaders | The Letter: Laudato Si Film - YouTube

Contemplative Listening

O Word of God by Ricky Manalo: O Word of God - YouTube

Sissel Pie Jesu: Sissel Kyrkjebø - Pie Jesu - YouTube

Shaun Davey & Rita Connoly  The Deer’s Cry: THE DEERS' CRY, RITA CONNOLLY AT POWERSCOURT - YouTube

I Love You Prayer by James Finley: Practice With Us — Center for Action and Contemplation (

Richard Rohr "What is Contemplation": What is Contemplation? — Center for Action and Contemplation (

Praying With our Imaginations

Praying with our Imaginations (

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