Welcome Sister Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND UN-NGO representative

Sister Beatriz Martinez-Garcia
Sister Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND UN-NGO representative

Please welcome Sister Beatriz Eugenia Martinez-Garcia, (left), from the Central Pacific Province who was appointed to serve as the next SSND NGO representative at the United Nations beginning July 1. Sister Beatriz was born and raised in Mexico where her family lives.

As a School Sister of Notre Dame, she has ministered in parishes and diocesan offices in the area of evangelization and catechesis in Mexico and in the U.S. in Arizona, Texas, and Minnesota. Sister Eileen Reilly, as she concluded her nine-year term said, "I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to serve the congregation and meet so many sisters in so many places. You give me hope for our future when you respond to invitations to observe U.N. days like World Peace Day, when you welcome me into your homes and ministries, and when you and your students participate in U.N. events. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!"

Please read Sister Beatriz article from the Shalom Newsletter

Sister Beatriz Eugenia Martinez-Garcia, (left) and Sister Eileen Reilly, (right)



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