Pray with Us

With hope and peace, we enter into the joy of the Lord!

- You Are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Together we pray with and for each other, we invite you to share your prayer requests with the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Prayer requests are posted internally to our Sisters so as to protect the privacy of those requesting prayers.

Please send your prayer request to our communications team by filling out our form.

Prayer requests will remain on the Prayer Request list for approximately one month, but you can re-send them as often as you like.

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Pray with Us

May the light of Christ transform our lives and bring healing to our world. May the blessings of Easter bring joy to our hearts.
Holy Thursday has held a special place in my prayer life. It was the ultimate gift of total love, sacrifice and complete self giving. It was a celebration of life with His beloved friends as He prepared to meet His final surrender. 
The School Sisters of Notre Dame share Lenten reflections for 2024 here. Enjoy!