Mission Awareness Process Experience

The Mission Awareness Process Experience (MAP) offers participants the opportunity to learn more about migrant concerns on the Arizona/Mexico border, help those in need in Florida and learn about programs in Mankato, Minnesota and St. Louis, Illinois. 

Associate Stories: MAP at the Border

Delores at the BorderIn August, I participated in MAP at the border in Douglas, Arizona and Mexico, spending a week with four SSND Sisters – Judy Bourg, Helen Jones, Lucy Nigh and

Academy of the Holy Angels Students in Arizona

Academy of the Holy Angels MAP Trip: VIDEO

In February, students from the Academy of the Holy Angels traveled to the US-Mexico border to visit with our sisters and experience, firsthand, the realities surrounding those who migrate through Mexico to the United States seeking a better life. The Gospel Fund helped to finance this immersion, which was a profound experience for the teachers and students involved.