April Poem Week 2

This weeks poem is by Sr Delia Calis, SSND

Mother Theresa Woman of Faith

Silent midnight hours
    root faith deep
        In her loving heart.

In those same still hours
    He bonds her love to His 
        breathing hope and vitality
            into her being.

Her spirit and His pray
    To the Father-Mother as One;
Jesus’ mission, God’s desire  for all creation, are hers:

“May they be one as we are one;
Both these sisters, my present daughters
     And all who by their love will know and follow You.

You, Your will—my food, my drink,
    My very life”

Eucharist grinds fine and holy
    the grain of suffering’
                       changing    her bread and wine
            into His Body
                through faith-filled love.


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