AMSSND Province Water Committee

At the General Chapter of 2012 the School Sisters of Notre Dame made a commitment “to live more simply and sustainably with one another and with all of creation.”

The Atlantic-Midwest Province responded with four concrete commitments. One of them is to advocate for universal access to clean water.       

Although 70-75 percent of planet Earth’s surface is water, less than 2 percent is suitable for consumption. Given that 7.5 billion human beings require access to clean water every day, keeping water safe, as well as accessible, is a necessary requirement for life on our planet. 

The reality: The use and abuse of our planet’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams require constant vigilance and a variety of interventions. Human as well as industrial pollution and exploitation, coupled with the increasing demand for bottled water, seriously undermine water’s health and availability. Global extractive industries which include mining for minerals, oil, and natural gas contaminate billions of gallons of water daily. Much of this water is not reusable and represents the scale and speed of water loss on earth today.  

Water: Global Warming and Climate Change 

Brought about by excessive carbon, methane, nitrous oxide, and other harmful gases in the atmosphere, the rise in global temperatures and climate change is negatively impacting the life systems of planet Earth. These gases are produced by human activity and are already leading to dramatic changes in the planets water systems and supply. The global scale of water pollution and drought is dramatic and deadly presenting grave concerns for human health and food supply. As temperatures rise, oceans are manifesting signs of acidification.  Unhealthy oceans negatively impact the quality sea life and therefore the supply of fish for human consumption.  The rise in global temperatures is melting sea ice and, if this continues at its present rate, the rise of sea levels will endanger and displace millions of people living on coastal areas around the world. The pollution of the oceans has begun to impact sea life and the availability of safe seafood.  

Water is a life-sustaining necessity that requires our respect, protection, and advocacy in order to maintain its critical role as source and sustainer of all life.   Learn more from the United Nations.

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Sisters in Africa and North America Collaborate to Bring Water to Kenya

Sister Rose Ngcha in Kenya

Approximately three years ago, the Water committee of the Atlantic-Midwest Province was commissioned by the province “to provide water in an underserved area.” Over the past two years members of the Water Committee have been working with School Sisters in Africa, especially Sisters Joyce Kwamboka Nyakwama and Rose Ngacha to identify and engage in a project to bring water to a water-stressed area. The Nyalienga community in Homa Bay, Kenya was identified as the site for this collaborative project.