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The interview spotlights her current advocacy work against the death penalty and her history of social justice in this area, which follows an encounter with a prisoner on Death Row.
CJ Sivulka of the Environmental Defense Fund
Awareness Day 2021 was particularly meaningful for members of the Academy of the Holy Angels community. Together, students, faculty, and staff recalled that the planet's finite resources belong to everyone, and discovered how each individual's actions impact others.
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This week, Consider joining the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns on Good Friday for a Virtual Way of the Cross for Economic and Ecological Justice. Also, contact your representatives to fight human trafficking and read Kathleen Bonnette's latest publication "“Oscar Romero stood with the marginalized. Christ does too:.
Sr Mary Ellen Dougherty
One of her outstanding gifts was her ability to teach. From middle school students to college students, her teaching skills and academic competence inspired her students to succeed. She also introduced young women to religious life, women who caught her God-centered spirit are living religious life fully, and women whom she helped to discern another path will always hold her in deep friendship. 
A Gospel Fund report is required of grant winners once a year.
Earth Hour is March 27th at 8:30pm!  Here is a list of 5 things you can do at home to participate in Earth Hour!
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This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on two important immigration-related bills that would provide legal status to essential workers and Dreamers, among others.
World Water Day is March 22nd, this week explore where the Earth’s life-giving water came from and learn 10 facts about the global water crisis, send a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, holding him accountable for his 2015 election promise to end all drinking water advisories on First Nations reservations by March 2021!
The FBI Baltimore Field Office recognized Notre Dame Preparatory School seventh- and eighth- graders with the National FBI Safe Online Surfing (FBI-SOS) Award on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.
Join an inspirational and insightful conversation about the pressing needs of our planet, how sisters are making a difference – and you can too. 
Consider attending this month’s “Women Resisting Extractivism Film Club”, also you can join a series of webinars from LCWR Region X that explore how gender equality is interconnected with issues of racism, migration and climate change, and follow with USCCB for Lent praying the Stations of the Cross for Human Trafficking.
Sr Grace D'Amico
Sister Grace's love for SSND and the Wilton Province came through strongly in all she contributed to through the years:... all were carried out with her unique wit, good humor, and obvious enjoyment.
Divesting from the Chevron Corporation, an American multinational energy provider, is one initiative taken by the SSND Cooperative Investment Fund (CIF) in keeping with its sustainable investment strategy for the environment and the care of our common home.
Meaningful relationships start when people take time to understand each other. During the first week of March, the Academy of the Holy Angels hosted International Week to foster a greater appreciation of the many cultures within the school community.
The Haiti Committee has begun the Mother Tongue Book Project with the goal of connecting Haitian and US students in an activity of reading, writing, and understanding each other’s cultures, and to expand understanding of interculturality in order to prepare for living with those of other cultures in community and society.
It is Women's History Month! Sign up for “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” on Internation Women's Day March 8th and consider a number of upcoming webinars concerning women and climate change, human trafficking and gender equality!
The Honduras Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Act of 2021, presents an opportunity for the U.S. to help address some of the root causes of instability and violence in the region. 
It is our hope that this is a way that the children who listen to this story of Blessed M. Theresa of Jesus will be able to celebrate this SSND tradition, and, perhaps, live lives that will change the world.
Co-sponsored by the USCSAHT, this virtual conference will address root causes and intersections on human trafficking. Registration is open!