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Father Peter Mathias Abbelen, Father Spiritual of the School Sisters of Notre Dame in North America, and confidante of Mother Caroline, wrote an account of her life shortly after her death.
One is not able to appreciate the full measure of her blessing until she encounters another person’s experience.
Sisters Academy of Baltimore (SAB) is the youngest of all SSND ministries in the province, established in 2004 and sponsored together with three other congregations.
Our Christmas within the convent is a very wonderful time. Our bishop goes from convent to convent during the Christmas holidays, says Mass in the convent chapel, and afterwards stays for breakfast and a chat.
I graduated from St. Saviour Grammar School in Brooklyn, NY, on June 25, 1950 and from St. Saviour High School in Brooklyn in June 1954.
Who is this woman with "Blessed" before her name - the subject of invocations, press releases, homilies and an image on medals and holy cards?
First grade at Notre Dame Preparatory School in 1938 was so exciting! We curtseyed to the Sisters, went swimming each week, and learned to follow directions.
water aid america
On Black Friday, as the holiday season begins in full force, please remember to use your purchasing power to encourage companies to eliminate slavery from their supply chains! “Purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act!” – Pope Benedict XVI
Sister Dorothy Hunt, SSND Jan. 21, 1922 – Oct. 24, 2018
Dorothy began what she called “her little musical training” when Santa Claus brought a piano to the Hunt home.  She had piano lessons from the age of ten and took voice lessons during high school years.
Sister Caia was responsible for opening the third mission in Canada - St. Mary’s in Kitchener, Ontario.

“Delicious Autumn; dear and generous Earth,
we have gathered loving gifts from your abundant well:
color, foods, seeds, beauty…We give you humble thanks.”
Mary Southard, CSJ

Dear Sisters, Associates and Colleagues,

From North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia we came, pilgrim travelers gathering in Rome for the beatification ceremony of our congregation's foundress.
Pope Francis reflects on Psalm 34:7, “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him.” He challenges us to use the World Day of the Poor as an opportunity to make an examination of conscience and consider whether we truly do hear the cry of the poor.
The best part of the day was by common consent the community worship at Mass.  Here the liturgical renewal blended with Native culture: the altar cloth was of soft leather decorated with colorful Indian beadwork and a carved crucifix representing Christ as Indian, a Warrior God.
Please click to see the latest installment of the Human Trafficking Committee’s series on child labor, written by S. Ethel Howley, and remember to raise your voter voice to demand dignified and just treatment for migrant people seeking refuge in the United States.
Growing up on the farm was a great experience for a child. There were plenty of exciting things to do, always in company of numerous playmates: brother and sisters, cousins, and neighbors. Religion was an integral part of that life.
From November 9-11 the JPIC department and faculty members from AHA, IND and NDP held a Forum at Villa Notre Dame for a selected group of students to discuss the topic of gun violence.
Bishop Crosby
On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 Halton Catholic Children‘s Education Foundation held its annual Evening with Bishop Crosby.  The event was marked by great enthusiasm and high spirit.

Twice a year the School Sisters of Notre Dame award grants to organizations working for justice. These groups benefit people, mostly women and children, caught in poverty, human rights abuses, or environmental devastation.