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Emphasis on Community involvement and participatory action to care for creation at the local, regional, national, and international levels; to promote advocacy and people’s campaign; to encourage rootedness in local territories and neighborhood ecosystems, etc.
This week, Dare to check out the latest USCSAHT newsletter, register for a zoom series on racism, take action to advocate for Dreamers, reflect on the latest Laudato Si Action Platform article, and learn more about Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.
Take a few moments to reflect on the events of September 11, 2001.  What images, memories, stories, events hold feelings/meaning for you at this 20th anniversary time?  What/Who do you want to remember?
Sister Beatrice Pavlica
A teacher and an artist, Bea was a quiet, gentle presence in community, She expressed her gift for contemplation in praying all the hours of the Divine Office every day. Few Sisters knew this about her, but her graced life shone in her quiet humor and generosity.
This week, Dare to learn and help Afghanistani refugees, advocate for the passage of the EARN IT Act, reflect on Laudato Si Action Platform to prepare for the Season of Creation, and help with Haiti's recovery.
This fall, Sisters in the Central Pacific Province will move from Notre Dame of Elm Grove (NDEG). After 162 years at NDEG, Sisters have been reflecting on their time there. Sister Mariel Kreuziger shares her history with NDEG and Mount Mary University.
Sister Lorraine wrote of herself in 6th grade “from the first day of school with the Sisters, I knew that that is what I wanted to be." Her extremely generous spirit, love for the needy and spiritually hunger and her manifold talents can be deduced easily from the breadth of her ministries. May she now be fully embraced in the loving arms of our God.
We celebrate 10 years since the founding of the Province of Africa! Congratulations to our Sisters on this milestone. We give sincere thanks for their vibrant and important contributions in carrying on the tradition of Blessed Theresa to lift up others through education.
The most powerful way that individuals and institutions can encourage world leaders to act for climate and ecological justice is to gather signatures for the Biodiversity and Climate petition (healthy planet, healthy people) that has been developed with input from many Catholic actors around the world.
During these last full weeks of planning and packing,of reality colliding with unreality, of so many memories, so many feelings, bidden and unbidden, I’ve been asking myself, “Why? Why we are leaving our beloved Wilton?”
This week, Dare to join the March on Washington in-person or virtually, reflect on Laudato Si Action Platform's Goal # 6, ecological spirituality, prepare for the Season of Creation, participate in prayers for pathways to citizenship, join USCSAHT for a webinar to learn about the Campaign for Fair Food.
The OPDIC Committee is encouraging you to join in a series of presentations designed to connect sisters, associates and partners as we examine together both our personal and universal experiences of loss. Through exploring, reflecting, conversing, and praying, it is our hope that we will be able to support one another on our journey of “Living with Loss”.
Skill and sportsmanship fueled the Academy of the Holy Angels’ success at this summer’s virtual Harvard China Model United Nations Conference. The Academy’s delegates to this international event drew several honors and demonstrated leadership, mentorship, expertise, and diplomacy.
Listen to Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakem discuss "Towards a Framework for Repair", Resmaa Menakem’s book, My Grandmother’s Hands, and his original insights into racialized trauma in all kinds of bodies, have offered new ways forward for us all.
Today, August 21, is the birthday of Mother M. Caroline Friess! We celebrate and are grateful for the amazing woman she was. Did you know there is a story regarding some of the photos we have of her?
The Watermark staff and administration and the VND Care Transition Task Force, administration and Sisters have worked together to make the move go as smoothly as possible given the challenge of moving 58 Sisters with all their furniture and personal belongings.
This week plan to take action for Haiti and Afganistan, as well as March for Voting Rights and make time to read Elise D. García, OP’s  Presidential Address at the LCWR Assembly: Creating Space for the Future: Cutting Deeper Grooves of Transforming Love into Evolution
#TheHumanRace is the global challenge for climate action in solidarity with people who need it the most, and to put the needs of climate-vulnerable people front and center at the UN climate summit (COP26).