CST - Writings by AMSSND Sisters and Staff

AMSSND Sisters and staff share commentary and study guides that provide social analysis and theological reflection on current issues pertaining to justice, peace, and integrity of creation. These resources are an important component of the SSND commitment to “educate, advocate, and act in collaboration with others for the dignity of life and the care of all creation.” (Directional Statement of the 24th General Chapter).


Read All About It!

We invite you to read and reflect on these recent publications by our Sisters and staff, engaging in the call to “educate, advocate, and act, in collaboration with others, for the dignity of life and the care of all creation.”

The 58th Anniversary of the March on Washington

On August 28th, 2021, the 58th Anniversary of the March on Washington led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., people from all over the United States will gather again to March On for Voting Rights. 
DC protest by Sharon Brosnahan

I Can't Breathe - In Memory of Mr George Floyd

Over the past weeks, it has been difficult to view, much less absorb, the many levels of violence that continue to surround the killing of Mr. George Floyd of Minneapolis. However, denying, ignoring, or disregarding truth contributes to the perpetuation of untruths and the violence that is inevitably used to maintain them.

My Work is Loving the World

Through the poetry of Mary Oliver, we are invited not only to see the beauty of the natural world, but to listen to the wisdom of creation, and to befriend Earth and her community of life, of which we are members.

Encountering Christ: A Celebration of Migrants and Refugees

On International Migrants Day (Dec. 18) and always, we appreciate the positive and integral role of immigrants in our communities. This “Just Act” celebrates the richness and vitality immigrant people bring to the United States and counters the most common misperceptions about them.


That They May Be One

The Season of Creation – a time designated by Christians around the globe for living our faith through the care of creation – begins on Sunday, September 1. Celebrate the Season of Creation with us. We invite you to reflect on our latest Just Act, which encourages a holistic approach to justice and peace in light of the biological and spiritual interconnection of all of creation!

Ecological Crisis

June 5 is World Environment Day. We invite you to take some time to consider the U.S. border issue with an ecological lens.

Voting as a Catholic Citizen

As we approach the midterm elections in the United States, most citizens have aligned themselves with one of the two major political parties. To many who profess loyalty to a political party, members of the other party (or anyone who voices an opinion at odds with their own) are, in the words of the president, “the enemy.” Party ideology has so divided our nation that we cannot come together even on moral issues, for fear of appearing to acquiesce to the thinking of the “opposing” party. Voting, then, is often as easy as selecting the “straight party ticket” option. For those of us who profess Catholic faith, however, political engagement never can be this simple.