Reading Laudato Si

A new Laudato Si’ resource guide is now available for SSNDs, Associates, staff and all people of good will looking to take action to address the climate emergency and ecological crisis. This guide contains a brief overview of Laudato Si’, as well as suggested changes to make in your life to promote stewardship of creation and resources for further learning. Best of all, this guide can be easily shared with others. View the guide here.

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Laudato Si’ #116

Do you recall how your understanding of our relationship to the world has shifted over the years? Do you remember the first time you heard about “stewardship”? How would you describe your relationship to the world today?

Reading Laudato Si’ - #115

We now shift our focus slightly to “The crisis and effects of modern anthropocentrism”, the belief that humans alone possess intrinsic value and everything else holds value only insofar as they serve humans.

Reading Laudato Si’ - #112

After considering how we can be caught up in the technocratic paradigm, Pope Francis notes that there are alternative paradigms out of which some people are living and working.