Sister House Party in Chicago

By Sister Julice and Sister Marcianne

'Twas an evening in December
In North Riverside Town,
That a group of 8 sisters
Gathered around
To host a party for some special residents
From SisterHouse--a place where hope is in evidence.

The evening began with a welcome so warm
It melted the snow from the weekend storm
The first act of fun was to search the house
For Mary and Jesus and a Bethlehem mouse.
The stable was set and the crib was blessed
By all who gathered for this evening fest.

Fun went on with carols and plays
Songs of good cheer to brighten the days.
The 12 days of Christmas left all giggling with glee,
And a grab bag of giving emptied the tree!

Cookies and cider, hot chocolate, too
Climaxed an evening more fun than the zoo.
Welcoming Jesus with mirth and good cheer,
All gave thanks for an evening --the best of the year!

With wishes and prayers for a blessed New Year
All went into a night that was cold but clear
As they entered their cars and drove out of sight
Wishing Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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