Alumni Stories

Are you an SSND Alum? Please enjoy our slide shows and photos from the halls of the schools you attended

If you were taught by SSNDs, or your life was otherwise somehow influenced by them, we would love to share your stories as well.

How did getting to know an SSND affect your life?

Please join us in this project and in celebrating the lives of the amazing women who have answered God’s call to become School Sisters of Notre Dame.

We will be collecting and sharing your stories here as we go. You can email your story or questions  to (photos are also appreciated)


An Afternoon to Remember

Over 200 alumni, benefactors, and friends - including 33 SSNDs - attended "An Afternoon To Remember" held May 5, 2024, in Bridgeport, CT. A good time was had by all!  Many attendees were reunited with former teachers and classmates.

Alumna Sends Fond Greetings

Hello to all at the School Sisters of Notre Dame. My name is Marguerite Manganaro Marett. I attended St. Anselm's from 1st to 8th grade. I was in the graduating class of 1964. My 8th grade teacher was Sister Margaret Mary Collins, formally Sister Constantia. She was an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. We stayed in touch until she passed away. I've attached a copy of my diploma and 8th grade graduation class.
1925 St Michaels high school ring

St. Michael's Alum Praises SSND Teachers

We were lucky because we were a terrifically diverse heritage assembly with German, Italian, Spanish, Irish, and African American girls. Some from the south side and some from Cabrini Green joined the girls from the immediate neighborhood.
James O'Neill Jr MD

Alum Story - James O'Neill Jr., MD

Thank you to James O'Neill Jr., MD, for sending us his recollection of the SSND Sisters who influenced him and nurtured his academic growth as well as his personal values at St Joseph school, in Long Island, NY. Also, thank you, James, for all you do for children in your work!

My Favorite Teachers - Geradine Delambo

Gerardine Delambo, an attorney in Baltimore, and a second-generation alumna from Institute of Notre Dame, Class of ’67, reminisces about her favorite teachers.

Judy (Piergalski) Pappas

SSNDs formed my life through elementary and high school. So many made a positive impact on me during those years, including my aunt who was an SSND.