Our Sisters

School Sisters of Notre Dame continue to live the vision of Foundress Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger in a variety of ways. Below our Sisters share stories of their work and ministry.

Lent Collage Graces Bulletin Board at The Watermark

Creating the community bulletin board at The Watermark is a prayerful, artistic process for Sister Justine Nutz, SSND. Using scraps of paper, fabric, yarn, pictures, words, and other items, her evocative designs invite reflection. Her 2024 Lent board also recalls the Paschal Mystery.

Lent in a “Post-Covid” World

As we approach Lent, I wonder what will come. Will we be able to celebrate together? Will we face another Covid outbreak as family and friends come to visit?  

Living into Prophetic Witness of Universal Communion

Every year, we celebrate the same feasts, often with the same liturgical readings.  What can we do to ensure that our journey is a spiral and not a circular treadmill?  How is God near to us this Lent in ways that will call us to be fully alert and attentive?

A Stella Maris Snowflake Party

“It snowed last night. It snowed last night!” The Notre Dame Prep Middle Level students sang the fun winter song to the Sisters at Stella Maris. They added hand movements to their song.  This was just one of several activities that the students and Sisters engaged in during the “Snowflake Party” organized by the NDP Middle Level Campus Ministers on January 30. 

Pajama Day and Vocations

February 1st was Pajama Day at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy in Jamaica, New York. I know this because I was invited to give a vocation talk to the girls in grades 5-8 as part of Catholic Schools Week.

Waterdown Sister Carla Shares Creative Flare

Sisters recently attended a Sip and Paint in Waterdown, Ontario. Sip and Paint is is a fun and social way to explore one's sometimes hidden creative side. The Sisters all enjoyed a relaxing and informal atmosphere while creating. Some enjoyed sparkling juice while others enjoyed wine as they painted their simple yet beautiful creations.

New Ministry Gifts Sister Shirley - Refugee Families

Sister Shirley Stockus, SSND, worried about her decision to retire from teaching. How would she find a ministry to replace it, and to allow her to share her whole self like teaching had done? Volunteering at a soup kitchen or food pantry was important, but Sister Shirley needed something more. A few months into her retirement, Sister Carolyn Jost, SSND, called.

Finding New Meaning Far From Home

It was my first Christmas in Bolivia. Bolivia didn't have snow. It was so poor that it looked the same on Christmas as any other day, except for one place in every home. A table in the front room held a Christmas creche and food and tiny ceramic tchotchkes. 

Pittsburgh Vocation Fair

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, we — Sisters Mary Roy Weiss, Phyllis McNally and Kathleen Jancuk — traveled from Cumberland, Maryland, to a vocation fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This was the first vocation fair that the Diocese of Pittsburgh held since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

God, If You Want This, You Send Them

By Sister Barbara Paleczny, SSND

At A Better Tent City, in Kitchener, Ontario, where I organize the Clothes Closet with people who are homeless or live in tiny 7x9 foot cabins, I had offered to give neck and shoulder and/or hand massages.  

When We Prayed the Novenas Together

I don’t know if I thought so at the time, but to me, it reminded us that the Light of the World was coming. I still pray a version of the novena and think about those nights in the Motherhouse at Mequon and the beauty of the altar.