Get W.I.T.H. It!

Get W.I.T.H. It! represents the province's commitments to water,

immigration, trafficking and Haiti.

Each week we will share news and actions you can take!

Get W.I.T.H. it - Aug 20th

In this weeks Get With it, join Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for its brand new Virtual Book Series, learn what Catholic sisters are doing to address the realities of human trafficking, and please view our resource series, “Racism and the AMSSND Commitments.

Get W.I.T.H. it - June 26th

This week's Get With It includes links to published articles, and our in-house produced resources. In “Signs of the Times: Through the Lens of the Pandemic.”, we call your attention to the educational inequality that pervades our social structures in the United States and Canada. Stay tuned next week for a resource on Environmental Justice, and check out the Racial Inequality and economic inequality resources if you haven’t done so already!