Jubilarians 2021

Each year, we honor and celebrate our sister Jubilarians. Jubilee is a special time to rejoice with our Sisters as they celebrate their 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, or 80 years of faithful love and service to God.This Jubilee year of celebration and commemoration provides an opportunity for each Jubilarian to renew her vows and reflect on God’s boundless love. The occasion of Jubilee is also a time for all Sisters of the province and international congregation to express gratitude to God and to our Jubilarian Sisters for their faithful love.Join us in celebrating our Jubilarian Sisters by sharing a story about a Jubilarian who has touched your life, or making a gift in their honor.

Previous Jubilarians and Jubilee Stories

Diamond & Pearl 80 Years

Gold, Ruby & Diamond 75 Years

Gold & Ruby 70 Years

S. Julice Bots
S. Cor Marie Cielocha †
S. Rosemary Dilli †
S. Joan Dineen †
S. Kathleen Marie Engers
S. Ellen Fitzsimmons
S. Joseph Marie Gartner †
S. Corinne Alice Gmuer †
S. Martin de Porres "Marty" Kimpel
S. Betty Lackenbauer
S. Blanche Leising
S. Florence Leising
S. Ann Mary Moles
S. Beatrice Pavlica
S. Mary Patricia Shea

Diamond 60 Years

S. Catherine Arata
S. Kathleen Boland
S. Miriam Bruder
S. Mary Jeanne Davidson
S. Mary Vincenza Gagliostro †
S. Mary Francita Hobbs
S. Katherine Maureen Kinnally
S. Mary Louise Kvech
S. Mary Lynch
S. Rea McDonnell
S. Robert Marie Moser
S. Virginia Muller
S. Christina Murphy
S. Mary Aloysius Norman
S. Loretta Marie Rosendale †
S. Mary Ian Stewart
S. Carole Tabano
S. Dorothy Marie Young

Gold 50 Years

Ruby 40 Years

Silver 25 Years

S. Jane Forni